• Water Hazard:
    Lateral Hazards (red stake), One Stroke Penalty, Two club lengths from point of entry, drop no closer to the hole.
  • Yellow Staked Water Hazard:
    One Stroke Penalty,  drop as far back as you keeping the point of entry between you and the flag.
  • Lost Ball or Out of  Bounds – White Stakes:
    Replay from original lie…..  One stroke penalty (stroke and distance). For pace of play,  if you think your ball is lost, hit a “provisional” ball before going to look. (Yes, back yards are out of bounds.)
  • Ground Under Repair, Immovable Object or Standing Water:
    No penalty, drop ball as close as you can, but no closer to the hole. Must take full relief.

Carts:Please be kind to the course, use cart paths whenever possible, stay in the rough especially during our Florida rainy season. Refrain from driving near the approaches to greens.

Basic Courtesies

  • On the Tee:
    Keep pace of play, play in proper order (lowest score from previous hole). If it’s your turn be ready. Do not talk or distract while others are teeing off. Repair damage.
  • Tee to Green:
    Be ready when it’s your turn, it you have to wait for the green to clear, be thinking of club selection. Repair Divots.
  • On the Green:
    Repair your ball mark. Play in proper order. Do not talk while others are putting. Do not walk in other players’ lines. Putt out whenever possible for pace of play.

Remember to confirm your hitting your ball, let faster players play through and keep moving to avoid slow play.
Have fun and visit our grill room after your round.


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